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Photo: Hayley with Trailblazer Scholarship winner Kassidy Crown

It’s a good feeling to give back—especially if you’re giving back to a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.

Allovus has a special interest in helping provide scholarship money to handpicked Peninsula High School (PHS) seniors. PHS is an alma mater for several Allovus folks, including Allovus Prinicipal + Founder Hayley (Cole) Nichols, class of 1991. Listed below are more PHS alumni among the ranks of Allovus:

Jason Calhoun – VP of Operations – Class of 1990

Rob Nichols – Research & Development – Class of 1990

Shannon (McDonough) Lee – Finance Director – Class of 1992

Allison (DeLapp) Flanigan – Project Manager – Class of 1989

Photo: PHS Alum and Allovus VP of Operations Jason Calhoun handing out a well deserved scholarship

Each PHS senior who is interested in continuing their education and receiving scholarship dollars—whether it’s for a 4-year college or for a vocational institution—must put together a binder. The binder/notebook contains a Statement of Purpose, which basically outlines what the student wants to pursue as a career. Also included in the binders are transcripts, recommendation letters, and photos.

Photo: Allovus Finance Director Shannon Lee and Allovus Founder + Principal Hayley Nichols handing out scholarships

Donors are comprised of local businesses and individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of the community’s greatest asset—youth. Donors sift through the folders of the students and choose one or more they would like their scholarship to go to.

In total, there were about 175 seniors who chose to participate and a whopping $320,000 of scholarship money donated! ($206k from private donors and the remaining from the S.A.V.E. Thrift Store; 100% of the proceeds go to PHS Scholarships.)

Photo: PHS DECA Advisor John Selfors ready to deliver scholarships

Allovus donated more money than we ever have—and to more seniors than previous years—for a total of $46,500 (combined Allovus, Nichols family, and “Class of” donations.)

Hayley and team came up with several different scholarship categories:

Trailblazer—for a student who has an entrepreneurial spirit and high motivation to start their own business

Leadership—for students who have shown exemplary leadership skills

Creativity—for students who have shown artistry/creative abilities

Allovus Family—for the children of Allovus family members

Drive & Work Ethic (donated personally by Hayley and Rob Nichols)—for students whose work ethic and motivation is bar none

Grow & Go—for students who are encouraged to use the money to get their education and pay it forward after they embark on their careers by giving to the scholarship fund and mentoring upcoming graduates. Allovus contributed to this fund, but most of the dollars came from specific class years or “Class of” donations.

Allovus Scholarship winners are:


Kassidy Crown – $5,000


Nadira Ali – $1,000

Natasha Dinniman – $1,000

Shafer Newton – $1,000

Amanda Wikraman – $1,000

Cameron Lewis – $1,000


Lilli Harrison – $1,250

Kayla Schunzel – $1,250

Grace Lewis – $1,250

Peyton Westman – $1,250


Jack Walker – $2,500

Michael Lewis – $2,500

Jackson Reid – $2,500

Brock Olive – $2,500

Tyler Nichols – $2,500

Drive & Work Ethic:

Alicia Cornejo – $2,500

Connor Jones – $2,500

Grow & Go:

Caroline Mitchell – $10,000

Gary Demmert – $1,000

Grace Lewis – $1,000

Jackson Reid – $500

Jack Filkens – $500

Shelby Botiger – $1,000

It is a truly remarkable feeling to give back to the community who helped you become who you are. The Allovus team is very grateful to be a part of encouraging and helping the next generation to spread their wings.

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Photo: Hayley with Go & Grow Scholarship winner, Gary Demmert III

Photo: Hayley with Family Scholarship winner Jack Walker

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