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How to choose the perfect palette for your product

Choosing a color palette for a product comes down to one specific tenet… know your audience. Age groups, roles, the type of company the audience works for, or any other demographics make a big difference in what colors will attract them and keep them engaged with the product.

When Allovus began working with Simplifi by Quicken, we soon realized we needed to tweak the palette to not only accommodate the types of data visualizations Simplifi displayed within the application, but we also needed the colors to engage the younger age (late 20s to early 40s) of the company’s target audience. After a few rounds of color explorations, we infused bright and energetic colors that worked well together and maintained distinct separation when used alongside one another in charts and graphs.

Learn more about our work with Simplifi on our website portfolio.

What to consider when choosing a palette

Average age of users: Different age groups, roles, and industries may have different preferences for colors and how they are used. For example, a product targeted at younger users may benefit from a bold and vibrant color palette, while a product targeted at older users may require a more subdued and calming color palette.

Cultures and societal context: Colors can have different connotations and meanings depending on where users live. For example, colors that are considered lucky or auspicious in one culture may not have the same significance in another culture.

Type of product or service being offered: Consider the emotions being associated with the product. For example, a financial app should convey trust and security. The colors green and blue may be most appropriate in that instance. Conversely, a game app should evoke a sense of excitement and adventure. Therefore, a color palette using red and orange may inject the feelings you want to convey.

Choosing a color palette for a product is not a one-size-fits all solution. Dive in to your research to understand the target audience’s demographics, cultural and societal context, and the emotion you want to illicit from your users.



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