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Meet Jenn Hergert

From the moment we saw the photo of the floating unicorn on Product Designer Jenn Hergert’s website, we knew she had to be part of our team. (After all, our own unicorn floaty occasionally appears right off the dock of our Allovus Gig Harbor office.)

With a degree in journalism with an advertising emphasis, Jenn developed a desire to design when she began her career in a traditional agency. Her roles evolved from writing copy, to design, to art direction. And after working on branding and marketing campaigns, she made the switch to UX to make thoughtful products and experiences that have a positive impact.

Jenn Hergert

Allovus: What is your role at Allovus?

Jenn: Studio Design Lead. I came to Allovus to work on ABP (our internal resourcing tool), then I branched out to work with Karma Wallet, and now I’ve expanded into more client work as well as continued work on ABP.

Allovus: Do you have a design philosophy?

Jenn: Well, it’s a design philosophy, but also a life philosophy that I try hard to live by. It’s a quote from Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation.) “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” Focus is what you need to get things done.

Allovus: What is your favorite part of your job?

Jenn: It’s a mix. I love the days when I can really dig in, build something, and test the thing I’m working on. But I also love incorporating the feedback I’ve received and showing the team, “Hey, I listened to you, and here’s what I built. What do you think?”

Allovus: Why did you choose to come to Allovus?

Jenn: Well, it was the unicorn, of course! I first chatted with Viviane through LinkedIn. I normally respond to people if they message me. But when she reached out, I got a different vibe from her than I usually get, and I wanted to see what Allovus was about. I researched the founder, Hayley Nichols, and I realized that these were really good people that aligned with my values. Then, Brian reached out to me with a picture of your whole team in a unicorn float (the same unicorn float I have on my home page under How I Work: I actually got that unicorn for my 40th birthday on trip I took to Wisconsin, and I floated in it on the Chain ‘O Lakes… small universe, am I right?

Unicorn float

Jenn’s unicorn float

Allovus: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Jenn: For the last 8 years, I’ve been wanting to take an After Effects workshop. I’ve worked on a lot of video projects, but I’ve never had the chance to edit my own work. I really want to learn it for myself. I love storytelling, and I also love photography. I also enjoy taking long sunrise walks with my two little doxie mix dogs.

Jenn has been an absolute joy to work with at Allovus. We’re excited to have her as part of our team!

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