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We are Allovus


If you’ve visited our website lately, you’ll have noticed we have a new look!

“We wanted to clearly define what our company’s focus is and be intentional about the type of work we want to do moving forward,” Allovus Founder + Principal Hayley Nichols said.

The challenge of the redesign stemmed from Allovus having two main audiences instead of just one.

“Trying to provide a single source of information for two primary audiences was tricky,” Allovus Business Strategist Aimee Hayes said. “But knowing we have transparency in our business model allows us to share the same messaging, regardless if you’re a hiring manager or a designer looking for work. We believe both audiences will obtain the information they need about who we are as an organization.”

Allovus Project Manager Chris Tyler added, “Brandon Moner did the UX design for the site and Alison Grauman did the visual design and really brought the design home at the end. Liz Ashley built out the site and turned the concepts into the fully functional experience.”

“We hope it conveys our values and core beliefs as a company,” said Allovus Project Manager Allison Flanigan. “And our diverse set of offerings.”

Both the website redesign and the video was a labor of love. “This was truly a collaborative effort,” Allovus Studio Director Steve Godfrey said.

We are Allovus, the video seen here and on our website, summarizes what Allovus is about. “I want people to learn that we are human. We are here to make our jobs an enjoyable part of our lives. We care about people, and our approach always holds that at its core,” Hayley said.

Allovus VP of Operations Jason Calhoun added, “Our hope for the video is that it speaks to both potential and current clients and candidates. Gives them insight to who we are, what we do, and what drives us as humans. We also want it to be something that our employees would be proud to share with their families.”

Aimee added, “First and foremost, we believe it expresses our personality as an organization. We feel we’re unique and want this to come through. We also think the message aligns with our website, and gives the viewer a clear overview of what we do.”

“We hope they learn how unique and amazing we are… and what a great group of people work here!” said Allison Flanigan.

The making of the video involved All-of-us, and we want to give credit where credit is due!

“Jon Crane put in the most hours building our video, as he was the video editor, captured the live footage shots, and did the photo collage. The middle animation was done by Adam Lubanski. Chris Tyler was our PM and Steve Godfrey was our Creative Director. Aimee Hayes was our voiceover talent and helped write the script with Seija Emerson and Martina Dalton (with input from other members of the Biz Team). Aimee and I also worked hard on the video to make sure it came to life. Plus, our music was created by a local Seattle based musician by the name of Samuel Orson,” Jason Calhoun said.



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