Allovus and All of You: Navigating the 2023 Job Market

Happy New Year to our network!

Whether you’re a new follower or an old friend, we’re so glad you’re here. LinkedIn has quickly become our go-to platform for networking and referrals, and it can be an incredibly effective tool for job seekers. We have some big goals for 2023, many of which revolve around increasing our outreach on LinkedIn. In the spirit of these renewed efforts, we want to (re) introduce ourselves.

So, hi there!

We’re the small but mighty Allovus Recruiting TeamAlenaBrianSeijaKarenViviane, and our awesome PM, Shelby. We help candidates find projects, contracts, and permanent roles in the design field.

In our corner of the world, the job market has shifted yet again. In both our conversations with candidates and on our social media feeds, the impact of layoffs, reorgs, budget freezes and cuts has been felt dramatically. Part of our job is to adapt to these changes – to stay flexible and focused on different ways to connect people with opportunities they may not have considered in the past. We’re also human, and we share the need for connection and support created by these seismic shifts that often leave us feeling anxious about the future.

When change feels like the only constant, what can we offer candidates?

Responsiveness, transparency, empathy, and individualized support are the values that unite our team. We listen, ask thoughtful questions, and try our best to be helpful. In a perfect world, we’d have a job for every candidate. In the real world, we get creative, practicing mock interviews, reviewing resume and portfolio updates, and suggesting ways to expand and leverage your existing network. The market changes, and roles change, but our commitment to our candidates remains constant.

What are our predictions for 2023? 

It’s been nearly 3 years since the pandemic started and kicked off a new normal of remote work in the tech industry. During the first half of 2022, we saw workers gain some bargaining power in the job market. Over the past few months, the market has shifted again to favor employers. Now that the holidays are over, we hope to see jobs start opening up with employers maintaining the improved flexibility that has been so critical for people’s quality of life.

We predict that 2023 will be a good year for folks to hunker down in their current roles, leveraging the cooler market to sit tight, work on upleveling their current skills, and not be as eager to job-hop. Employers once again are helping to drive a more competitive job market, with tighter budgets, which can be challenging for job seekers, who may need to adjust their compensation expectations from even six months ago.

Our advice to job seekers: invest time back into yourself! Work on your resume, fine-tune your portfolio, start researching your next class or certification, and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date.

What roles are we hoping to see more of this year?

UX Writing and Content Design: now more than ever, writing and content expertise are essential to any robust design team. Word choice matters just as much to a user as intuitive UI and branding. Did we mention we also happen to know quite a few amazing writers?

Service Design and Systems Design: as the discipline of User Experience design develops and matures, we are seeing companies search for candidates with very specific skills in one facet of design, rather than generalists.

UX Research: organizations cannot afford to waste time and precious resources within the product lifecycle on poorly designed solutions. User research is a huge part of this process: being able to identify pain points early on and drive design and engineering toward a well-received product experience.

What can contract employees expect from working with Allovus in 2023 and beyond? 

We are so excited to expand our Scalable Design Solutions model this year! The beauty of a SDS team is that it benefits both employers and employees, solving for issues we see repeatedly in the traditional contracting model. For employers that are shifting from a staff augmentation model to deliverables-based work, our SDS teams are more efficient and cost-effective, without sacrificing quality. Team members are often senior-level industry experts whom we know and trust. Rather than working as sole contractors within a team of FTEs, which can be isolating, our team members work together on short and long-term projects, finding more opportunities for leadership and impact in meeting clients’ needs. The Allovus team provides robust support to these team members, with weekly syncs, regular 1:1s, and long-term career planning.

There’s lots more to come – here are 3 things job seekers can do today! 

  • Connect with Allovus on LinkedIn! You’ll have a front row seat to new job opportunities, industry news, and #peoplefirst content.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. This includes making sure you’re signaling your availability to recruiters.
  • Write a recommendation for a current or former colleague. One of our core values at Allovus is Karma. For us, that means thinking long-term about the impact of our actions. Small kindnesses can add up to big things.

We look forward to growing with you this year!

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