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On Thursday, June 8th, Allovus hosted a fun and inspirational event on how to be the hero of your own destiny within the freelance world of design. The event was held at Lunchbox Laboratory in Bellevue and included delicious food, drinks, prizes, and great company.

If you missed the event, here is a recap. Now that you know what you missed, you won’t hesitate to sign up for the next one!

Allovus presenters:

Leigh Allen Arrendondo | UX Design
Strategizer. Designer. Activator.
Able to drive the user experience strategy and design for Fortune 100s to startups, leap tall buildings, and deliver experiences that align business and customer needs.

Marcel Ray | Creative Technologist
Technologist. Thinker. Jokester.
Ability to be resourceful while focusing his laser intellect on prototyping and simulating OEM device interfaces; slays his coworkers with positive, collaborative attitude, and corny jokes.

Emily Perrone | Visual Design
Detailer. Designer. Wonder Woman.
Able to champion design-thinking and innovation across industry platforms, fight for what is right in the world of design, and activate communication skills in any league of designers she encounters.

Chris Tyler | Project Manager
Creator. Solver. Problem Smasher.
Ability to dive into issues and resolve them quickly, manage visual and game design with warp speed, and resourcefully solve any issue efficiently without the aid of Kryptonite.

Steve Godfrey | Moderator & UX Design
Designer. Motivator. Instigator.
Able to leap complex, mind-boggling problems and deliver compelling, streamlined solutions; boldly collaborate and wield humor to activate brilliant design experiences.

 Check out our Allovus Facebook page for pictures!

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