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Storyboarding + illustrations: an Allovus case study

Since the inception of storyboarding in the animation world, this graphic representation of how the story will unfold has been invaluable to the behind-the-scenes process. But storyboarding is not just for video or film.

In UX, storyboards can be used as a tool to visually predict and explore a user’s interaction with a product. Storyboards can help UX designers understand the flow of a user’s experience over a given amount of time. This allows designers to get a realistic sense of what features and interactions are most important to users.

Of course, storyboards don’t have to be hidden behind the scenes where the public can’t see them. They can also be used in the final product as illustrations. For example, graphic novels or comic book art can work well when you’re showing a user how to interact with a product via illustrations.

In our Allovus Studios case study “Concept Exploration through Illustration + Storyboarding”, we detail what we offer to our clients when they need to present concepts through visuals.

We can help at all stages of storyboard creation:

  • Initial concepts + brainstorming
  • Initial sketches through tight illustrations
  • Writing
  • Final presentation

Read our case study to learn more about what we offer.

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