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Designers are always looking for cool tools to boost their creativity. Tools can range from hardware to software to plugins. Finding ones that fit your style and enhance your design experience is key in today’s competitive design environment.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at Microsoft’s Surface Studio (hardware) and Particle Shop’s custom brushes for Photoshop. Both will get designers thinking of new ways to create.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft is giving Apple a run for its money with the new Microsoft’s Surface Studio. Surface Studio is designed specifically for the creative process. Its large, adjustable screen provides a huge canvas, allowing you to turn your desk into a studio.

You can position it upright to sketch, paint, and edit photos. You can also pivot the screen so it lays flat, allowing you to draw on it as a canvas or drafting table.


Here’s an in-depth review of the Microsoft Surface Studio

Need more information? Here’s what PC World says about the Surface Studio:

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iMac

The Surface Studio’s steep price may be prohibitive for some, however, it’s nearly on par in price with the Apple iMac. If you’re thinking about buying either and can’t decide between the two, here’s a great article that compares the two tablets.

Microsoft Surface Studio vs Apple iMac: What’s the difference?

Particle shop custom brushes

No matter which device you choose as your design tool, here’s something that anyone who works in Photoshop can use.

ParticleShop has some great brush plugins powered by Painter.

Experience new expressive Dynamic Speckle brushes and living grab-and-go Particle brushes that are easy to use with a pressure sensitive tablet, touchscreen or mouse. Use your creativity and imagination to artistically enhance photos, designs, and illustrations with strokes of genius.

See the brushes in action:






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