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future jobs: allovus predictions, part one


Recently, we came across a fun LinkedIn infographic that illustrated 10 hot jobs that didn’t exist 5 years ago, but do exist now. And here they are:

  1. The iOS Developer
  2. The Android Developer
  3. The Zumba Instructor
  4. The Social Media Intern
  5. The Data Scientist
  6. The UI/UX Designer
  7. The Big Data Architect
  8. The Beach Body Coach
  9. The Cloud Services Specialist
  10. The Digital Marketing Specialist

**To see the infographic, click here:

We asked our Allovus gang to peer into their crystal balls and tell us—which jobs DON’T exist now, but WILL EXIST in the next 5 years. We had so many suggestions, we had to break the post into 2 parts!

Here are our predictions:

canstockphoto14956970Matt Hartman | UX/Visual Designer

  1. DNA Restoration Technician
  2. Biometric Installer for Under My Skin Labs.
  3. A/C Repair/Technician ( By very, very hot demand )
  4. Social Media Anonymous ( SMA ) Counselor
  5. Hemp Sales Associate
  6. Glasshole Law and Arbitration
  7. Tesla Quik ‘n Charge Mart Clerk
  8. Monsanto Federal Agriculture Commisioner
  9. Flight Attendant for We Own the Sky Airlines ( A subsidiary of Sky Mall )
  10. IDUXUI WEBISUAL 3D and can also Dev Designer PM

Sean Gephardt | Developer

I’m totally taking this right now – “IDUXUI WEBISUAL 3D and can also Dev Designer PM”

Hayley Nichols | Founder and Principal

11.  A triple horned unicorn! (Translation: talent that can do 3 different jobs, thus saving the client two additional paychecks.)

Mike LaJoie | Visual Designer

12.  Wireless Undergarment Model

13.  and with that comes… Wireless Undergarment Repair Technician

14.  Google Glass Privacy Attorney

15.  Time Travel Police

Kieran Phelan | Visual Designer

Why “Undergarment”?

16.  Solar/Wireless Fabric Designer; Tailor; Mill Worker; Model; Repair Technician

17.  Animated Solar/Wireless Fabric Designer; etc

Barbara Nichols | Benefits and Payroll Manager

I love the undergarment wording….Those dang bras hurt!!!!  And we all know exactly what we’re talking about there.


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