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the red, white, and blue


It’s time to once again wish America a Happy Independence Day. And what better way to do so then to salute our flag. But which one?


Pop Chart Lab has put together a collection of 48 American flags. The poster displays the US flags beginning from our country’s inception through today.


Beginning with the star-less “Rebellious Stripes” in 1767 and culminating in the familiar 50-star standard created in 1960, this chart stops to salute all manner of American ensigns, including the many iterations of the 13-point banderol, as well as aesthetic outliers like the Gadsden, the red-and-green George Rogers Clark and the blue-striped Serapis. For added historical context, each flag is also marked with the number of colonies/states in existence at the time of its inception,” Pop Chart Lab says.


Take a look at the array of flags in more detail order a print for yourself:


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