ux designers in high demand

While the demand for UX designers continues to grow, it’s important to remember each client describes their needs in different ways.

As a potential candidate, you should carefully read through the job descriptions to see if your current skills match what is required. While many clients believe they are looking for a UX designer, it can be they are actually looking for a UI designer. These three often-requested positions that follow require completely different skill-sets that may be subtle to the client:

  • UX Designer. Ability to understand user research and user development, information architecture, visual design, wireframing, and how to get the work ready for a developer.
  • Prototyper or User Interaction Designer. This designer can take a design and make it functional.
  • HTML 5/CSS3.  An added bonus and a skill often requested.

“Clients still want designers with strong visual design skills but many are looking for someone with UX, too. A candidate who has more than one skill-set fares much better in competing for a job,” says Viviane Veraguth, Recruiting and HR Manager for Allovus.

Remember, it’s important that designers acquire the latest skills needed to land these ever-evolving jobs. What can you do to make yourself more marketable? According to Veraguth:

  • Keep adding to your list of skills through seminars, classes, and online learning.
  • As your skills evolve, update your resume and keep in mind any training you have pertaining to the job of your interest. At Allovus, benefits include
  • Put your portfolio online so potential employers can view before/after your interview.

At Allovus, our goal is to provide designers the best tools in the industry. As a member of our team you would have access to tutorials to keep your skills up-to-date. If you are a  UX designer, UI designer, or Prototyper and looking for creative work opportunities, please contact Veraguth at

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