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Simplifi: an Allovus collaboration

When Allovus Studios first met with Quicken in the fall of 2019, the company was looking for design partners to help them update their user workflows and branding experience for their product Simplifi.

Simplifi is an app which helps users reach their money goals with confidence.

We first began our work with Simplify with a thorough review of their existing site. We examined specific areas for ease of use, consistency, written communication, and navigational complexity. Frequent reviews and discussions helped our teams identify areas for improvement and chart a path for our creative collaboration.

Instrumental in the design of “Spending Plan”, a key feature of Simplifi, is Allovus Studios Design Lead Courtney Comfort.

In a letter to Simplifi’s users, Quicken CEO Eric Dunn highlighted the success of the product.

“Customer satisfaction for Simplifi has already matched Quicken’s and continues to rise as we roll out additional capabilities such as Smart Alerts, budgeted spending for the Spending Plan, and more flexible reports. Overall, Simplifi is doing what we hoped – bringing comprehensive personal finance capabilities to a 21st-century generation of mobile/cloud-oriented users in an elegant, modern app.”

“The Spending Plan mentioned in Eric Dunn’s letter is what Courtney has focused his efforts on during these past months. It’s a testament to his capabilities,” said Allovus Business Strategist Aimee Hayes.

In our ongoing relationship with Simplifi, Allovus Studios continues to explore new and updated features.

Read the full Simplifi case study to learn more about our collaboration with Quicken and how we helped them update their user experience, iconography, and branding.

Simplifi by Quicken: an Allovus Case Study

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