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If you’re working or not, we’re all looking for something new to distract us from all the bad news floating around. Here are some fun tutorials to keep you busy!

How To Play Ukulele – Beginner Lesson 1 – Easy Chords, Strumming And Songs

Perfect Fade in 4 Minutes | How to Cut Men’s Hair | Best Tutorial | Tip #2

Want to draw your dog realistically? Check out this video on how to draw fur texture.

Need some fun DIY garden ideas?

HOW TO USE WATERCOLOR – Introduction Tutorial

Easy Floral Abstract Painting/For Beginners/Kids/Just using Palette knife & Acrylics/Demonstration

How to Use Colored Pencils – Guide for Beginners

25 Best Gardening Upgrades and Ideas

DIY Chicken Coop Run | How to Build

Have fun with your projects!

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