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We are all living in an unknown world—working remotely or maybe not working at all. It’s a tough time for designers. It’s a tough time for everyone.

That’s why we were pleased to see the revamped AIGA site offering resources to the design community. There’s so much information there—it’s too difficult to summarize the offerings.

For example, the topics shown in each of the squares below lead you to a separate hub with tons of information and links. It’s a deep dive into helpful advice and resources.

Image: AIGA

Just taking a peek into the “creative looking for support” hub, you’ll see topics like:

Creativity + Inspiration

Mental Health Resources

Physical Health Resources

Grants for Designers

AIGA at Home Webinars

There’s so much info here! And that’s just for ONE of the topics on the main page. Take a look and see what resources work for you.

AIGA Community Resource Hub

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