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Allovus gets creative

Most of us are stuck at home, doing our part to keep down the spread of COVID-19. Now that we have a little more time on our hands, some of us have been working on artwork or home improvement projects we’ve been putting off.

We asked our talented community to share what they’ve been up to. Get inspired by these amazing snapshots of creativity!

Courtney Comfort’s Sourdough Bread

“I am one of the many (as social media would indicate) who has developed a spontaneous interest in homemade sourdough! I grew my own starter, which took a little more then a week with daily feedings. Here is the result. The first loaf came out a little on the flat side, but my second attempt this week turned out perfectly.” – Courtney

David Hose’s Watercolor Art

“Here’s a watercolor I did for my nephews 10th birthday. Ari received a creative gift from each family member this year as we could not physically gather. It made his 10th a special day.” – David

Brian Levy’s Screenprinting + Custom Skateboards

“This is my side work. I grew up in print shops and got back into screenprinting a few years ago. I also recently started making custom hand-made skateboards. More work and details of specific pieces are on my website” – Brian

Heidi Kenyon’s Baked Goods

“I’ve been baking a ton since this whole thing started. I made a sourdough starter about three weeks ago, and this weekend turned out some awfully good bread. I’ve also made bagels, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, pie, banana bread, and sourdough waffles! Here is a pic of the most recent (and best) batch of bread.” – Heidi

Tarryn Lambert’s Smoothie Bowl

Here’s my creative project – food. The smoothie part has açaí, strawberry, banana, and macadamia milk. For the top, there’s fruit, granola, and chia seeds.” – Tarryn

Jason Calhoun’s Stained Glass Fence

Jason and family created this lovely stained glass effect on his fence. What a great view of the mountain, too!

Viviane Veraguth’s large-scale crochet art

Viviane has been busy making cool crochet art… did you know you can crochet a dog bed? Pictured below is a neck roll, two storage baskets, and a dog bed.

Hayley Nichols’ Farm Projects

Hayley’s been working up a sweat on her farm! Check out some of the latest improvements she’s made.

Karen Streeby’s Fence Art

Here is Karen’s take on the stained glass effect for her fence! She and her family had fun making their art wall.

Aimee Hayes’ dressmaking project

Wow! Who knew Aimee could sew like this? Check out the dress she recently made. Very nice!

Still working on a project and didn’t get a chance to share? That’s okay! We’ll likely do another post if we receive other submissions–so send ’em our way!

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