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It’s a new year, and as always, there’s lots to learn. We’ve put together some interesting reads specific to our industry. Grab a cuppa and settle in!

7 Simple ways to get better results from Ethnographic research

Diversity matters. Read up on why it’s so important to discover who your users really are and the environments in which they live.

The worst ideas I’ve ever heard for user research

Save yourself some grief. Read about what doesn’t work in user research before you waste time trying bad ideas.

Artificial Intelligence is shifting our perception of great user experiences

78 percent of businesses plan to implement AI or virtual-reality solutions by next year—or have already implemented them. Get insight into how this will affect what you design.

Top UI/UX design work for inspiration

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a showcase of design work that will spark your imagination.

Weekly micro-interactions

A curated list of UI interactions done right.

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