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2020 UX/UI design predictions

At the beginning of each year, pros in the design industry set out to make predictions for what the year will bring in terms of trends and technology. The predictions are not just meant for fun, but to give designers a heads up in what may be around the corner so they can build their skills in those areas.

AJ&Smart , an award-winning product design sprint agency in Berlin and San Francisco revealed their predictions for UX/UI designers.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR): around the end of November 2020, Sony and Microsoft will be releasing new consoles. Microsoft has already announced it’s putting VR on hold for now. But if Sony goes all out and bundles a VR headset with the console and it takes off, designers might have the opportunity to design more interfaces for VR. This will likely make VR go more mainstream and spread to other industries besides gaming.
  2. A reemergence of Augmented Reality (AR): Microsoft, Apple. Microsoft launched Minecraft Earth. Minecraft is one of the biggest, most successful products of all time. Minecraft Earth is going to be huge. Other companies will come along and want to make the investment in AR. Apple is working on two AR products, a headset and a pair of glasses. Apple rarely brings products to market without being sure the products will be successful. Other companies will follow suit. Designers will be asked to take on more AR work.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: AI is going to be integrated into almost every product you can imagine. Take for example the Apple photos app. It used to be just a pool of photos with no way to search or organize them. Now, photos are automatically grouped into albums and collections—all done behind the scenes with AI. Artificial Intelligence makes products personalized to each user. Designers will be working on this as a standard in 2020’s products.

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