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Expressive emoji

Image credit: Microsoft Emojipedia

Just about everyone uses emoji when sending texts or posting on social media. Emoji express all kinds of sentiments—from love to anger, from head smacking to congratulations—there’s an emoji to display just about every emotion.

A recent article in Medium highlights the Microsoft Emoji project and the designers who created them. Two of Allovus’ fabulous designers had a hand in the creation of these emoji—David Hose and Mike LaJoie.

“Emoji are so much fun,” David said. “There’s an incredible variety of categories and subject matter. From sloths to donuts, there’s always a new challenge to design. To know that the emoji you create will be used and seen by millions of people is such a reward!”

In a quote from Medium’s article Inside Microsoft’s Emoji Design Studio, designer Mike LaJoie said, “’Designing emoji for an operating system that has billions of users is just mind-blowing. It’s incredibly humbling to be able to design anything for that broad of an audience. And to design things that people can express their emotions, or have fun with? I love it.’”

Fun Facts from Microsoft’s Emojipedia

  • In total there are 3,019 emojis in the Unicode Standard as of March 2019. This includes sequences for gender or skin tone, flags, and the components that are used to create keycap, flag, and other sequences.
  • The most popular emojis on Emojipedia in 2018 were:

Visit Microsoft’s Emojipedia site to see all of the emoji in the collection!

Image credit: Microsoft

Emojipedia stated, “Emojis from Microsoft are supported on PCs and tablets running Windows 10. These are provided by the Segoe Color Emoji font, although some applications continue to show black and white emojis from an earlier release.”

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