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UX/UI design trends

Predictions for trends in the design industry are always interesting. They may come true… they may not.

Nevertheless, keeping up with design trends is a must if you want to stay relevant in our field. And of course, you want your clients’ products to attract users and customers who are expecting current visuals and experiences to be on trend.

Here’s a good video by AJ&Smart’s Brittni Bowering. She analyzed and researched design articles across the internet and came up with 5 key trends for 2019.

On the video’s YouTube page, there’s a list of articles which she references. We’ve pasted the links below in case you’d like to read about each trend further.

Minimalist Design/Reduce annoyances

Internet of Things (voice)

Content-Focused Design (same article as above)

Flat vs Material Design


Everyone is a Design Lead

Tim Höfer (of AJ&Smart) on Trend Reports

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