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Allovus honors influential women

We are a woman-owned business, and we do our best to support and honor women in their endeavors. Therefore, we’ve recently named our spaces after the women we are inspired by. Each of these change-makers hold a special place in history for striving to accomplish their dreams, even when they seemed unobtainable. While you may know the history of these iconic women, there will likely be information here that is new to you. We invite you to read about them and let their stories inspire you. The illustrations and bios of each influential woman will be displayed at the entrance of the room they were named for.

The artist behind these beautiful portraits is Hannah Marquardt. She held a 2-year summer internship with Allovus. She is currently attending DigiPen Institute of Technology and is getting her BFA in digital art and animation. Watch for a special article about Hannah in our next blog post.

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