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At Allovus, we’ve been getting more and more requests for content strategists. Are the skills required for the role of content strategists in your wheelhouse? Before you answer that question, you might be wondering what exactly content strategy is.

Allovus Recruiter Brian Jensen shared his thoughts on content strategy as it applies to businesses. “Think of a content strategist as you would think of an editor for a magazine. The editor understands the ultimate goal for that publication. They understand that the submitted content needs to fit within the narrative of the magazine itself.”

“Content strategists become a subject matter expert on the product,” Brian said. “They sit at the 15,000 to 20,000-foot level. They know to drive all the content toward the goal of the product’s mission. On first launch of the application, what is the user greeted with? Does it reinforce what we know the product’s goal to be? This is where the UX copywriter comes in. The content strategist works with the UX copywriter to ensure that narrative and tone match.”

The content strategist must work collaboratively with all departments–developers, UX/UI designers, copywriters, etc.– to make sure every piece of content reinforces the narrative.

Of course, content management varies greatly from organization to organization. But, according to Digital Marketing Institute, in general, content strategists are responsible for:

  • Creating specs and appropriate content for the brand’s designated audience
  • Strategizing and improving content delivery and promotion
  • Championing content marketing strategy across the company
  • Setting guidelines for the tone, style, and voice of all brand content
  • Setting editorial strategy so content is consistent and compelling across all delivery streams
  • Measuring and analyzing what’s working and what isn’t with regard to the brand’s content marketing efforts

Visit Digital Marketing Institute for a more detailed and comprehensive look at content strategy.

“Overall,” Brian said, “content strategists predominately need to have a strong editorial skillset. But they also need to have a collaborative approach.”

Here’s another look at UX content strategy by one of the pioneers of UX design, Karen McGrane.

Let us know if you’ve got the skills for a career in content strategy. Contact Allovus to discuss your next steps!

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