Allovus are grateful.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year, where families gather together around the dinner table and reflect on all the good things in their lives. Our Allovus family is no different. We have a lot to be grateful for. We checked in with all-of-u to find out what kinds of things are important to you.

Allovus–what are you grateful for?

Hayley Nichols | Founder + Principal

  • I am grateful for having 80 amazing, creative, thoughtful, & generous Creative Partners at Allovus who give me a great sense of pride and accomplishment.  
  • I am grateful for my Kubota Tractor…. I get to dig stuff up, push things around, smooth things over, and create with brute force.   

Karen Walker | Systems Coordinator

  • I am grateful for an awesome team of creative people to collaborate with and people who all respect one another and never hesitate to help when help is needed!
  • I am grateful for Sea Turtles!
  • And I’m very grateful for my two wonderful kids and one husband (even though he’s British!) ha ha ha

Alan Walker | Director of Account Management

  • I am grateful for the people I work with. They are amazing and I look forward to seeing them. I’m also grateful for the lifestyle working at Allovus gives me – have you seen where I work??
  • I am grateful for the ability and mechanical know-how I have, working on cars and motorcycles. The time I spend in my workshop totally detaches me from the role I play at Allovus. The detach refreshes and opens my mind. I am also grateful when my family comes into the workshop, and I can share the projects I am working on.

Miranda Wilimczyk | Creative Recruiter

  • I am grateful for working with people that I can call my friends.
  • I am grateful for a healthy family and waking up to smiles and kisses from my little ones every morning!

Aimee Hayes | Business Development/Account Manager

  • To work for an organization that has the same values I do personally, that has a strong ethical standard, that has a team who works hard for one another, and finally for an office in my hometown.
  • I’m also thankful for my family!

Fes Naqvi | Senior Production Designer

  • I know how to do my work, and I deliver it before the required time and with quality.
  • Living in Washington State for eleven and half years. I was an outdoorsy person before, but I’ve become an even bigger one now. 

Pat DeLapp | Allovus Team Member

  • Although I’m not one of the creative professionals at Allovus, I’m still so proud to be part of the Allovus team. I have had some great jobs in my life, but I’ve never worked anywhere before that feels so much like family. And it seems like that’s what Allovus also seeks in its relationships with our clients as well.

Barbara Nichols | Allovus Retiree

  • I am grateful for my kids: Rob, Hayley, Tyler, Sami, Sky, Bonnie, 7, Lena, Joey, Spur, Rocco, Teddy, Holly, Keke, George and Gracie, Kit and Buck.  We are all healthy and happy!

Steve Godfrey | UX Director

  • I’m grateful for our great clients that let us have fun, do creative work, and trust us.
  • Also grateful for RAKES….one of the greatest, most useful tools EVER for this time of year…..

Jason Calhoun | VP of Operations

  • I’m grateful that working at Allovus doesn’t feel like “work.” Instead, I get the privilege of teaming with amazing and smart people to solve interesting problems…I love that!
  • I’m grateful for snuggle times with my 5 year old – and that she loves them as much as me.

Chip Baker | Senior UX Designer

  • Getting started in a new contract can be really time consuming and difficult. Allovus Support were rock stars.  Super responsive, fun, and really patient.  They made my first week, so much easier.
  • The commute to Redmond (ME TIME!!!!)

Heather Axtell | HR Professional

  • I am grateful for teamwork.  Asking for help is often difficult, but it is made easier when the folks around you are ready to help when you finally do ask.  Alone is hard…teamwork is way better.
  • I am also grateful for whoever thought of the idea of putting NERDS candy onto a sticky candy rope. 

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