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Martina Dalton, Allovus Blog

Vacation season is coming up, and many of you will be planning some great summer trips. No matter where you go, there are opportunities to see and experience art. From big cities to small towns—from tropical paradises to deserts—you can find art just about anywhere. It’s one of the things that enriches our lives, and makes for interesting conversation and memorable experiences.

I recently took a quick trip to New York City after picking up my daughter from college. Because she’s a Musical Theatre major at an East Coast university, our focus for the trip was to see some performance art on Broadway. (We saw three shows in two days.) Theatre is an art form which allows you to escape your regular world through storytelling. Art makes you feel, and its importance in society is often under appreciated.

In between shows, we didn’t have time to go inside the plentiful museums NYC is famous for, but we did find art just about everywhere we went. It was fun to find these unexpected vignettes tucked away within the city. We found art at Chelsea Market, in Central Park, and The High Line—which is an elevated path through part of the city which has beautiful gardens and art along the walkways. But even specialty stores and bakeries displayed some really creative eye candy.

When you’re on your summer vacation, take special care to find these artistic gems. They’re everywhere! Take pictures and share your experiences so others can find them when they visit.

Chelsea Market Artists’ Flea Market

Bear statue in Central Park just outside children’s playground

Display of baked goods in a bakery near Central Park

Sculpture in The High Line

Pillow display in Chelsea Market

Sculpture outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Artist in the Chelsea Market Artists & Fleas shop. This artist super-imposed art over the top of recycled city maps.

Mural along The High Line walkway.

Sculpture on The Highline.

I couldn’t resist taking a pic of the stage curtain for the Broadway show “War Paint,” starring Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole.




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