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We are living in interesting times. The political and social climate has changed considerably since the 2016 election. You may or may not be happy with the results. But can you, as a designer, have an impact in these changing times? We believe the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Check out this collection of videos from Fast Company, which are all about designing for change:

Design Has a Huge Role To Play In Politics, Even If It Can’t Win An Election

Original Champions of Design cofounders Jennifer Kinon and Bobby Martin believe design is more important than ever when it comes to what you believe in.


Can Design Impact Social Issues?

The “By the People” exhibition at Cooper Hewitt is aiming to create a better America through design.


Steve Ballmer Explains Why He’s Spending Millions on Clarifying Government Data

Nonprofit organization The Ballmer Group has a multi-million dollar investment in making government data more easily available. (Check out the presentation of data!)


Women in Science Encourage Young Girls: “You Belong In The STEM Fields”

A NASA scientist, a Google director, and a young scholar have an important message for girls seeking a career in STEM.

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