aimee hayes: connecting the dots


With a down-to-earth demeanor, warmth, and generosity of spirit, Aimee Hayes is the kind of person you’d like to hang out with. Lucky for us, we get to welcome her into the Allovus family!

As an Account Manager, Aimee’s mission is to diversify the Allovus customer base. She is excited to help connect the dots between Allovus and a rich array of high-tech companies in our area. And with an amazing pool of talent like ours, she knows it will be a win-win for everyone.

Allovus: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Aimee: I attended the University of Kansas and have a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies. I started my career in recruiting right out of college. I spent 2 years with TekSystems, then left the industry for a few years and followed my heart to travel around the world. I eventually returned to the industry when I needed a big girl job, and joined Yoh Services as a technical recruiter. I spent 6 years in that role, and then moved into an account management role focusing on the gaming world. I spent the next 6 years building a very successful account within Microsoft and Xbox. Finally, it was time to make another move, challenge myself, and grow in a new company, and here I am!

Allovus: What do you enjoy most about your job?

allovus-aimee_03Aimee: I love connecting the dots, listening to people’s passions, interests, and perspectives, then matching those with the needs of another. I look at it as a way of playing matchmaker, and it doesn’t just happen in the workplace, it becomes something you can do within all aspects of your personal and professional life. When you start to be aware of all the ways people can connect, you realize its everywhere, and that’s extremely satisfying.

Allovus: Why did you choose Allovus?

Aimee: I heard of Hayley and Allovus through a consultant, and the experience they had immediately made me want to meet this group and learn more about them. Everything about Allovus matches with my values. It’s a small business, passionate about quality and building lasting relationships. The goals for the organization are not all-consumingly focused on money, but on creating an experience for creative professionals and our staff. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a healthy, happy environment like this?  The reputation of the organization, combined with the location in Gig Harbor was ideal for me. I’ve been commuting for a decade, and I was ready for a better work life balance.

Allovus: What do you hope to accomplish in your new role?

Aimee: Allovus is the place I hope to contribute to, grow with, and help drive the health and happiness of the organization. I want to make a positive impact, and develop strong relationships with those I have the opportunity to work with.

Allovus: When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

Aimee: I have so many hobbies I can’t even keep them straight! I am passionate in so many areas, but mostly I’m a mom. I have a ten-year-old son who I love to pieces, and we have all sorts of fun together. I love to grow things, garden, harvest, baking bread, cook, ferment. Basically, I love all things food. I’m into canning and preserving, and I’ve recently gotten into essential oils. I also love to travel; I’m always planning my next adventure. Our family loves camping, so all summer long we get away every weekend we can.


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