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Photo credit: Mary Grace Long

Photo credit: Mary Grace Long

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! Okay, so maybe they’re not really twins, but they ARE wonderful. Meet our new Recruiters, Brian Jensen and Miranda Wilimczyk.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia

In the classic (and old) TV comic series, The Wonder Twins, the dynamic duo had some remarkable superpowers (she could shift into anything that had to do with water, and he could shift into any animal). However, neither could activate their powers without each other.

That brings us to our amazing new recruiters—each with their own set of superpowers—and they work best when working as a team.
We thought it would be fun to do a dual interview with our fab new teammates.

Allovus: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Miranda: I’m originally from Chicago. I have a background in Visual Design and am also a painter. Before coming to Allovus, I worked for a private label coffee company doing their packaging. (Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Guru.)

Brian: I’m originally from the Twin Cities (is this is coincidence?) I have a BA in Fine Arts and worked in the field of Higher Education before transitioning to my recruiting career. (Technical recruiting for software engineers.)

Allovus: Tell us about your families!

Miranda: I live in Gig Harbor with my husband and 2 children.

Brian: I live in the Shoreline area with my wife and 2 daughters.

wondertwins_02Allovus: What do you enjoy most about recruiting?

Miranda: I love helping people be the best designers they can be, and connecting them to jobs they love. Even if a candidate isn’t quite ready for a specific job opportunity, I don’t like to leave them hanging. I like to help them in any way I can, so they’re ready for the next opportunity when it comes along.

Brian: I love working as an advocate on behalf of a candidate: listening to their hopes and professional dreams, helping to craft a narrative that summarizes their aspirations, and then navigating the complexities surrounding submittals, interviews, and finally landing a candidate their next role. I also love seeing it from the other side, where our clients’ needs are met by fantastic candidates—making everyone happy. Feeling like I’ve had a small part in bringing both sides together is incredibly rewarding. Finally, I LOVE networking and building meaningful relationships with candidates and clients alike through my profession—and having those relationships persist beyond just the immediacy of filling an open role for a client or landing a candidate an awesome gig. Those are moments that I’m so thankful to have as a recruiter.

Allovus: Anything you’d like Allovus to know about who you are as a person?

Miranda: I am passionate about what I do and try to find the positive in all things. I am a painter—my favorite artists are Cy Twombly and Mark Chagall. I love Europe, good food and wine. I love being part of a hard working team. I am so glad I am part of this company!

Brian: I was asked to come up with three words to describe me; I chose empathizer, storymaker, and Uno-master. I think the first two go nicely together—I love listening and trying to understand others’ lives from a place of making an emotional connection with them, and having that connection to inform the creation of a narrative to better tell their unique personal and professional stories. I think those abilities are at the core of every good recruiter. And as for the ‘Uno-master,’ well, I think my family would attest to my Uno card skills (and my ability to come up with all kinds of fun house-rules for Uno). I’m excited to join such an amazingly transparent and employee-focused agency, thrilled to work with creatives in landing their dream jobs, and blessed to work alongside Miranda (who’s hilarious, diligent and all-around-awesome) as a Recruiter here. Finally, I like making homemade jerky. Random, yes, but it is delicious.

Allovus: And finally, what is your Superpower?

Miranda: I can usually look at somebody’s portfolio and tell what the potential or end result for something else could be. Because of A, B, and C, I think they would be really good at X,Y, and Z. I can see something that doesn’t exist yet in that person. I can kind of tell how their brain works—they could be good at something else in addition to the skills they already have… they just don’t know it yet.

Brian: I’ve got two. I have this really weird ability to measure things without measuring them. Like that there (pointing to the table section) is 36 inches. And my second one is, I’m like a therapist. You know, like Lucy’s psychiatrist booth in Charlie Brown. I’m a good listener.

There you have our new Wonder Twins! Their superpowers really do complement one another. We are happy to welcome them aboard!


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