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post-election food for the soul

There’s no denying, no matter what your political beliefs are, the 2016 election was a traumatic experience for many. Fighting over politics among friends and family members was commonplace both before and after the event. Social media played a big part in nasty behavior, including unfriending, name calling, and more.

But what do people do to make themselves feel better after such drama?

We did an informal survey on Facebook to discover how people tried to calm themselves after the election. Here are some things they posted or read via social media that helped soothe their frayed nerves:

  • Cute animal videos, like this one, for example:

  • Funny memes (like the Biden/Obama memes)


  • Inspirational stories about people helping others, like this 3rd grader in Detroit…

  • Friends’ posts about goals they are achieving in life (running a marathon, getting a dream job, setting goals, etc.)

  • Creative and artistic projects their friends are doing
  • Posts about participating in charitable events
  • Baby pictures!
  • Travel pictures and stories—especially of tropical beaches with palm trees

What are some of your favorites? Feel free to comment and post some links!

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