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Every show has its cast of characters. Every office has its cast of characters too—and the setting is a big part of how things play out.

Luckily for Allovus, our “setting” is our Gig Harbor office. Instead of cubicles, cold fluorescent lights, and industrial flooring, the Allovus office exudes a warm, calm, relaxed way of life—almost as if you went on vacation and took your laptop along to get some work done on the beach.

That’s because it is on the beach. Literally.


As you drive into the little downtown area on Harborview Drive, you’ll notice the businesses that line the harbor side of the street. Allovus is nestled between establishments like Devoted Kiss Café (which serves delicious food, by the way), a real estate office, and other restaurants.

Allovus first moved into this space two years ago. At that time, the business team needed a quiet space to work from when they weren’t commuting up to our former Bellevue office. But around 6 months ago, Hayley found out the owner of the building was getting ready to sell it. The opportunity to buy the property was there, so she jumped on it.

“The moment it was ours, I started the remodel to fit our brand,” Allovus Principal and Founder Hayley Nichols said.

FountainAnd fit the brand it does. “From the minute you first walk in,” said Hayley, “you instantly smile.” You’re greeted by the cool, beachy tones of the Allovus brand and a calming fountain hanging on the wall. Reclaimed barn wood is used to accent walls in the main office and the conference room.

There are rooms which are charmingly named in the Allovus style: the “All-Alone” room for when you need to have a phone conference or just quiet time to focus, “All-a-carte” for the kitchen, “All-a-board” for the board room, “All-on-deck” for the deck, and the main studio is just “Allovus.”


To make it feel more like home, Allovus made some modern updates: knocked out some walls to create defined shared space, fresh paint, and comfortable furniture inside as well as outside on the deck.

The business team works at the Gig Harbor office, as well as from home. There are several people there during our core hours of 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Karen works there Mondays through Fridays.


To that end, if you’re an Allovus employee and would like to come visit the office, Hayley welcomes you to stop by! Contact her or your account or project manager to make sure someone is there if you will be visiting.

You are welcome to use the Allovus kayaks and paddleboards, walk the harbor, etc. Allovus also has a boat slip at the dock, so if you have a boat, feel free to park it in the slip while you visit.


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