back to our roots


You may have noticed that our Bellevue location has closed and are wondering… what’s up with that?

When Allovus first began as a company with only a handful of employees, everyone worked remotely. At times, employees would gather at a restaurant or a pub for meetings. However, that soon changed when the number of employees grew and the need for shared space became a reality.

At that time, we opened the Bellevue office—where the business team could meet several times a week and/or have a place to work in between client meetings in Redmond or elsewhere. It worked well at first.

Allovus_GigHarborTeam_02However, over time, it became clear a shift in location needed to happen. Since more than half of the business team lived in Gig Harbor and commuting to Bellevue ate up a lot of work time, a decision was made to close the Bellevue office and expand our Gig Harbor office, making it more comfortable for the business team to work in our home base. This shift has brought us back to our roots, balancing days at the Gig Harbor office for meetings and allowing the core business team to work remotely several days a week.

Future plans are to look for shared office space in the SoDo area of Seattle. This likely won’t happen for a while, but stay tuned for any updates we might have.

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