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A career can last a long time—from the moment you get out of college to the day you retire. Now that Allovus has been around for 7 years, we thought it would be fun to highlight people in our Allovus family who are in the beginning, the middle, and the end of their careers.

First up, is Deanna Allen—a recent college grad who found her first job with Allovus. Deanna grew up in a small town in Colorado. When she graduated from high school and was accepted at Seattle Pacific University, she had no idea what she wanted to do.

“I came in undecided,” Deanna said. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do until the very end of my sophomore year. I had taken a couple of art classes and had really enjoyed them. So, I put together a portfolio and was accepted into the program. I was surprised because the Visual Communication program at SPU is pretty hard to get in to. It was a really good fit for me.”

At the end of her senior year, Deanna participated in her school’s Senior Show.


“There were a lot of people from a temp agency there. They sent me an email telling me they’d help me find a job. I signed up with them and applied for a couple of things but nothing ended up working out. Then, Allovus emailed me. They said they had a position at Nordstrom and asked if I was interested. So I applied and got the job! Everyone at Allovus has been super friendly and helpful. It’s great having a fulltime job right out of college!”

Deanna has jumped into her career and has learned a lot. She helps create signage for the many stores across the nation. “I’ve gained experience not only in how to work on a team but have also learned that to get a job done, you have to coordinate with so many other people. It’s something you don’t get in school. It’s been a learning process. Combining ideas from other places and individuals—it’s a real collaboration.”

What does she do when she’s not on the job? “I really just like being with my friends and being around people. Happy hour, watching movies, hiking occasionally when the weather is nice, and exploring the city is always fun.”


Cheers to Deanna and her career beginning with Allovus!

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