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allovus swingin’ holiday 2015


Tis the season! Allovus celebrated another fantastic year with the best holiday party yet, and All-ov-us had a swingin’ good time at Emerald City Trapeze in downtown Seattle.

And as our fearless leader, Hayley Nichols, said, “I was given the task of not going overboard with the party, and I’ve failed.”

There were games, a D.J., tumbling and aerial silks, a cupcake tree, drinks, dinner, Santa, gifts, and an amazing trapeze show, and more.

Allovus: When did you start thinking about the theme and venue of this year’s party?

Hayley: The day after last year’s party! But we didn’t have any great ideas until we had our Happy Hour get-together back in March—a lot of people came. One of our employees, Fes Naqvi, suggested some great places; he sent me a big, giant list of ideas. I narrowed it down to 5. Then I gave the list to Pat DeLapp and asked him to research them. He checked them all out and then suggested Emerald City Trapeze.

Allovus: How did you come up with all the game ideas?

Hayley: Well, the musical chairs were a big hit at last year’s party, so that was easy. I got the idea for the heads or tails contest from the Seattle Animal Shelter auction we went to last year. And while we were at Toy’s R Us, Sami and I got the idea of doing a hula hoop contest—we bought every one they had. For the duct tape contest, I kind of made that up while I was on stage. We had lots of red duct tape for the kids craft table, so we put a roll on each dinner table and challenged people to make something creative.

Allovus: The food was fantastic. Who made the delicious dinner?

Hayley: That was Devoted Kiss Cafe. They are neighbors of our Gig Harbor Studio.  They partner with us on community events and help with all of our GH local events.

Allovus: The design of the cards and everything that went with the theme of the party was so elaborate! Who designed all the party material?

Hayley: That was all the magic of Robert Massa—he designs our party images every year. He’s on call to execute my hair-brained ideas. The number of printed materials grew from the invitation, to a printed program, and even to the Naughty and Nice lists.

It was a night to remember! Can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

A huge thank you to the following Santa’s Helpers. You helped make the party a big success!

Jodi Olive – Event Logistics and Decorations

Karen Walker – Event Coordinator

Sandi Mattila – Gifts, Photos, Kept Santa in line (show pole dancing santa?)

Matt Mattila – Santa himself

Jessica Thoennes – Kids Activities – runs local daycare and Hayley’s neighbor and friend

Megan Bennett – Naughty/Nice list for gifts

DJ Joe Frank – MC and entertainment

Devoted Kiss Café – Catering and Rentals

Click on the image below to check out some of the Allovus party pics!

Watch the slideshow!


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  1. After the Holiday Party each year, I wonder how Hayley and the gang will top that year’s party with next year’s party. She always does. But I gotta say this year, “How the heck will you ever top this one?”

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