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hayley nichols: journey of success


The Women Business Owners Nellie Cashman award event on Thursday, October 8th, was a night to be remembered.

Allovus Founder and Principal Hayley Nichols was a finalist in the running for the award. She spoke eloquently of her journey to success. Hayley attributed her achievements to the strong, women role models she’s met along the way.

Hayley remarked about growing up under adverse circumstances, and how many people have asked her, “How are you the way you are?”

“It’s because I’ve met some amazing teachers.” She gave credit to the women who have taught her valuable lessons throughout her life.

Shannon Lee: taught her what a friend was

Liz Litsch: how to overcome fear

Barbara Nichols: how to feel love and accepted

Abby Miller: stand up for what you believe in

Robin Avni: how to raise the bar

Kim Rush: how to embrace her style

Karen Walker and Christy Burdyshaw: how to have fun

Susan Davis: how to lead, trust, and let go

Allovus Chief Financial Officer Shannon Lee attended the event. “The room went silent as she spoke,” Shannon said. “She captured the attention of every last one of the 300 attendees. As we left, we were stopped by several people complimenting her on her touching, heartfelt speech. For someone who doesn’t love the spotlight, she rocked it.  The unbiased longtime friend in me will say, ‘I couldn’t be more proud.’”

Allovus Recruiter Erin St. Pierre also shared in the evening’s celebration. “It was an incredibly inspiring event and truly wonderful to hear each woman’s story.  Hayley’s talk, though, wow–she had the entire audience engaged. You could hear a pin drop in the room.  I loved that she chose to highlight other women in her life that have made her the successful person she is today—from personal relationships to professional.”

Although she didn’t take home the winning award at the Nellie Cashman gala, she is a winner to All-of-us.


Read more about this year’s Nellie Cashman Award here: WBO Nellie Cashman Award 2015

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