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the first allovus retiree


The first Allovus retiree celebrated in style with many of her Allovus fan club members cheering her on. Barb Nichols, who is also Rob Nichol’s mother, helped Hayley start the company from the ground up.

“Barb was employee #2, me being the first.” Hayley said. “I knew I needed someone I could trust to handle all the financial aspects of Allovus. Barb was my first choice.  She was critical in the start of the company, as she handled the business side, financials, and operations so I could focus on the creative and client side.  Barb helped build Allovus into what it is today—a much larger endeavor than either of us bargained for.”

It was bittersweet to witness the retirement of our 2nd employee. But she’ll be back from time to time to help out when needed.

“Not many folks can keep pace with me but Barb held her own for many years before I finally brought in reinforcements for her,” Hayley commented. “Barb is ready to ease out of the day to day task of Allovus, but she’ll still be around for large initiatives to lend a hand.  I knew I could always count on Barb and trust her implicitly. I will continue to rely on her from time to time. The last 7 years have been a whirlwind and she deserves to take a step back and enjoy life a little more.”

In keeping with Barb’s love of horses, the retirement party was themed as a “Hoedown,” complete with cowboy hats and boots.

“THANKS ALL OF YOU!” Barb said. That party was so much fun. Allovus will be talking about it until Hayley’s retirement party!  Oh, wait, Hayley will never retire!  Anyway, I had the greatest party ever.”

Director of Operations Shannon Lee, even composed a fun tribute in song to the tune of “I Will Survive.” You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/KLcudwR9JYk


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  1. Congratulations and kudos Barb for all the great work!
    And thank you for always being so helpful.
    Best wishes and enjoy yourself in all things that you do going forward.

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