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things to hate about design

by Sebastien Feraut (a.k.a. Niark1)

by Sebastien Feraut (a.k.a. Niark1)

Sometimes designers just need to vent. Of course, venting can be negative and counter-productive, but it can be healthy too—especially if it makes you laugh.

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) recently featured an article by Mike Hicks, principal of Hixo Incorporated, in Austin, Texas, in their Eye on Design blog. Hicks listed everything he hates about design, and it’s pretty darn funny.

“There are so many things I hate about design in general that it’s amazing I’m still in the profession,” Hicks said.

We picked out a few of our favorite quotes, but be sure to read the full article for more laughs.

“Deadlines. Another safeguard for neurotics. Who wants them? All design projects should be done in 10 days standard. No exceptions. Face it, the longer any project stays in your office, the less money you make and the more opportunity the client has for changes.”

“In the computer category there are some others I would nix. I detest software programs that have lengthy logo identifications. I hate looking at the Quark opening sequence. Do they really need to make me see who makes Quark again and again and again? They’re irritating the hell out of me. Stop it.”

“Has there ever been a well-designed sign for a car dealer? Speaking of car dealers, whoever gave them permission to put their cheap dealer name plaque on the back of your new car? Think about it. It’s offensive. After you’ve forked over 40 grand for the car, you’d think they’d ask first. I wonder who designs those things. The same people who design the raised white lettering on tires? I can’t stand it. But someone in Detroit or Akron had a job number for those damned white letters.”

And the best one of all…

“For that matter, who needs any more monomaniacal know-it-all designers whose total focus is on themselves? You know, those gas bags who wear all dark clothing and interesting glasses, who are over concerned about everything, especially how they could further their careers and fatten their pocketbooks? I hate those guys, who always know what’s best and who you have to endure droning on and on and on at dinner parties until you just want to get up and push their stinking face into their stupid Michael Graves designed plate of stir-fried organic field mushrooms. God, I hate people like that. You know, people like me…I hate ‘em. Let’s kill the weasels.”

If Mike Hicks ever leaves the design biz, he could definitely have a career in stand-up comedy.

Read the full article here: Kill the Weasels: Things I Abhor About Graphic Design

What are the things YOU hate about design?

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