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allovus business team blasts away stress


Everyone at Allovus works hard, including the business team. So, sometimes it’s nice to blast away the stress of the work week in unconventional ways.

Yesterday, the business team attempted to take each other down in several rounds of competitive laser tag at Virtual Sports in Tukwila, thereby relieving stress and maybe having a little fun.

Virtual Sports offers laser tags for groups, parties, and corporate team building. As their website says, game play works to foster communication, encourage teamwork, and have a memorable time.”

Allovus asked the team some questions: we hope you’ll be amused at some of their responses.

What was your favorite thing about playing laser tag?

That they did it! Not all companies have people as cool as we do.  –Shannon McDonough Lee, Senior Director Operations

The teamwork! –Karen Walker, Systems Coordinator

Seeing the friendly competition amongst the group. No one was afraid of smack talk, but it was high fives all around every time we did a team switch. –Jill Morgan, Recruiter

I definitely enjoyed everyone’s enthusiasm, and to see that we all have a wee bit of competitive nature in us–it most certainly showed, and everyone had a smile on their face. Fantastic! –Nicole Castilliano, Operations CoordinatorBefore

Who surprised you the most and why?

I bet most people will say Nicole Castilliano.  If I hadn’t seen Viviane with her with her game face on before, I would say her.  But for me, it was ALISON GRAUMAN – she totally got into it! –Shannon

Erin St. Pierre; she was very clever and sneaky. –Karen

Nicole! She’s so sweet and quiet, but she’s a force to be reckoned with on the course! –Jill       

Alan Walker not being in the top two. –Chloe Surdyk Carreau, Project Manager

I had a few, but Rob Nichols took the cake as he totally dove into the operation. I really enjoyed seeing that side of him, as mostly I know him as very reserved.  –Nicole

Who was the most stealthy?

David Hose!  I had fun watching him…shoot me of course. Again, and again… –Shannon

Definitely Viviane Veraguth. –Karen

Steve Godrey is great at hide and seek! I rarely saw him coming! –Jill

Noticing the opposing team…….Team Alpha’s David Hose! He was a difficult one to keep track of. –Nicole

LunchHow does an event like this help to strengthen relationships at work?

It was fun to exhaust yourself in another manner.  We’ve been working really hard and not always in the same directions.  This was needed to regroup.  –-Shannon

The working together aspect.  –-Karen

It was interesting for me since it’s my first week as part of the team. When someone puts a laser tag gun in your hands on day four, you’re a little reluctant to tag your peers. I found that this broke down communication barriers pretty quickly and gave us something to talk about for months to come. For me, it was a wonderful way to break the ice. –-Jill

Anytime you change up the routine in the name of fun and teambuilding, you can’t go wrong! Plus a mental break often leads to breakthroughs or bright ideas (aha moments) for niggling problems or issues.  –Chloe

Being new to Allovus, and not interacting on a daily basis with every member of our team, I learned each co-worker’s communication style, willingness to overcome discomfort to tackle a mission, and be a team player. –Nicole

What was the funniest thing that happened?

Viviane Veraguth tiptoeing into our camp like a little ballerina and snagging the case.  All of us had been shot and were lined up to reload. –Shannon

How serious everyone took it! –Karen

It’s so hard to pick just one. My favorite moment was jumping around a corner to take Karen out, but it ended up being a close up duel as we took each other out! – Jill

Watching our recruiting team kick some ass! Not only in the career field, but Viv, Erin and Jill can bring it on the battle field. Oooooh they are smooth! — Nicole

How does an event like this help to reduce stress?

For me it was the smiles and the laughter. And sheer exhaustion.  I heard Rob fell asleep on the way home. – Shannon

It gets your mind off work things for a little while. – Karen

Smiling and laughing with friends is the BEST way to reduce stress! – Jill

Physical exertion and new scenery always reinvigorate. — Chloe

Breaking up the daily grind can go a long way for our mental health as we pause for a moment as a company. Putting down the drive we all have as professionals, shows that enjoying each other can bring new perspectives, rejuvenate our minds, bring confidence to ourselves, and remind us why we are a TEAM and will spark that drive to keep us moving forward. — Nicole

What events do you think would be fun to try in the future?

Go Karts, white water rafting, escape room, Puzzlebreak! (http://www.puzzlebreak.us/),  a chill happy hour.

And for those of you who have never seen the TV show Community’s episode “Paintball,” here’s a little gift for you. You’re welcome.

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