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There’s a new font on the block, and it started out as kind of a mystery.

According to GeekWire, Microsoft filed a trademark application for Selawik, but hadn’t yet revealed what Selawik was… until now.

“It’s an open-source font — described in its new GitHub repository as “a fallback to Segoe UI.” We were alerted to the project by someone inside the company over the weekend, and David Storey, a PM on the Internet Explorer and Project Spartan platform team, also noted the new project on Twitter,” Geekwire reported.

Segoe is used extensively in Windows 8. Could the new Selawik font be related to the upcoming Windows 10 release?

The mystery is mostly solved, according to one of the commenters on GeekWire’s site. (BrandonLive) Brandon commented that, “There’s no mystery here. They created it for WinJS, Microsoft’s cross-platform JS/CSS framework. That’s why it’s in the WinJS GitHub repo. This is important for WinJS 4.0 as they need to fix the inconsistent font size/weight issues on iOS (/Mac) and Android. So presumably this is a free font with similar metrics to Segoe UI, and available at the same weights.”

Stay tuned, and follow this story and any updates associated with it on GeekWire.

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