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interview questions to avoid


Hiring managers have a set of questions they love to ask, and they also have a set of question they’d like you to ask them.

However, there are some topics they’d like you to avoid, and if you bring those up during your initial interview, you might not be called back for the job.

In this video by Career Builder, you’ll find out which questions to avoid during your next job interview.

 Here’s a quick list of no-no questions or topics:

  • How many days can I work from home?
  • What does the job pay? Or, what’s the salary? (This will be addressed later on in the interview process and shouldn’t be brought up during the initial meeting.)
  • Questions that are asked that should’ve been part of an individual’s research before the interview would be a yellow flag.
  • When am I going to start?
  • Hearing about the applicant’s complaints about their past or current jobs.

Put your best foot forward and good luck!

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