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microsoft’s “project spartan” and adobe team up


Code-named “Project Spartan,” Microsoft’s new Windows 10 browser is teaming up with Adobe to add new tools for rendering images.

According to GeekWire, “The two companies are teaming up to add advanced graphics features to Spartan natively, something that Internet Explorer hasn’t done in the past. It’s a move that brings Spartan closer in line with the other major browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. One of the major differences between those competitors and Internet Explorer/Spartan is that they’re all based on open source software, so it’s easier for Adobe and other firms to contribute.”

In its IE team blog, Microsoft commented, “The Adobe Web Platform Team hit a significant milestone with their first contribution landing in the March update of the Windows 10 Technical Preview! The feature is support for CSS gradient midpoints (aka color hints) and is described in the upcoming CSS images spec. With this feature, a Web developer can specify an optional location between the color stops of a CSS gradient. The color will always be exactly between the color of the 2 stops at that point. Other colors along the gradient line are calculated using an exponential interpolation function as described by the CSS spec.”

CSS Gradients in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

In addition, the IE blog mentioned Adobe has also contributed “full support for blend modes. The W3C Filter Effects spec extended to support all blend modes per the CSS compositing and blending specification.” The new engine will now support these values like competing browsers.

Stay tuned to see the upcoming results of the two companies’ efforts!

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