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squarespace 7: build an online portfolio


At Allovus, we stress the importance of having a good online portfolio. There are many sites available where you can easily and quickly assemble a site to display your work, but Squarespace 7 can take your portfolio to a new level.

What makes Squarespace different? Allovus Senior UX Designer Nancy Stumvoll says, “Squarespace is one of the better Web tools out there. They have beautiful templates and a simple, intuitive user interface. They get rave reviews from most people using it.” According to an article in Design Milk, “Besides all the great benefits of Squarespace like 24/7 support, responsive design and easy drag-and-drop interface, the new features have really upped the ease of use, specifically the new admin interface.” It even easier to make quick edits, allowing you more time to make art and less time hassling with technical issues. Want to try it out? Squarespace is offering a free trial. And as an added bonus, they’ve partnered with Getty Images to offer a special $10 rate to Squarespace members on millions of images so you can make your Cover Page background something really spectacular. Here is a quick look on how to get started.

Remember that cool Superbowl Squarespace ad with Jeff Bridges? Take a look at the site he created:

Dreaming with Jeff

Read Design Milk’s article on Squarespace 7 here: It’s Time for an Upgrade: Squarespace 7 Takes Your Portfolio To A New Level

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