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happy 25th, photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop 25 Years / Dream on!  by Adhemas Batista

Adobe Photoshop 25 Years / Dream on!
by Adhemas Batista

Do you remember when Adobe Photoshop first came out 25 years ago? It’s true that some of you weren’t even born yet. But for those who were around and working in the design industry in 1990, you might remember when Photoshop was first released. And boy, it’s come a long way, baby!

First, take a look at this beautiful ad that Adobe created to celebrate 25 years of Photoshop:

Here’s a look back in time. John Knoll, one of the co-creators of Photoshop recreates the first Photoshop Demo for version 1.0.7. It seems so simplistic now, but it was groundbreaking at the time:

And here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s salute to the software’s birthday with his segment called “fashion week or photoshop?”

To keep on with the celebration, read an interview with another co-creator, Thomas Knoll. (John Knoll’s brother.)

Dreams from the Digital Darkroom — 25 Years of Photoshop

Want to see more images from the artists featured in the Photoshop ad? Check out their work here:

Photoshop – 25th Anniversary

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