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brands: a year in review

Pentatonix from YouTube's "Rewind" 2014

Pentatonix from YouTube’s “Rewind” 2014

Another year has come and gone, so it’s time to review some of end-of-year content for 2014—and to be more specific, which company’s brands have made a memorable impression.

In an article on, 5 companies were highlighted for rising to the top. You’ll love how each one has looked back over the year and celebrated the events of 2014.


Rewind—YouTube’s review of 2014’s top videos and YouTube stars highlights the best of the best in a fun, fast-paced journey and celebration. Check it out!



You can view your year of listening. Spotify grabs your data and lets you see where and who you listened to in 2014.




Since its inception in 2006, Adobe-owned Behance, a portfolio-sharing site for artists, has grown to 4.2 million members. Take a look at how some artists’ life changed after sharing their work in Behance’s Year in Review.




Moments – A scrolling page of the year’s most popular and at times powerful hashtags. Explore the moments that made this year memorable. From single Tweets that captured our imagination to hashtags that sparked global conversations, if it happened in 2014, it happened on Twitter.



A year in search. Google has released its own year-end video beautifully highlighting 2014’s searchable events and happenings.

Click here to read the full article: The Return of Year-End Content: Brands Review 2014


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