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future jobs: allovus predictions, part two


Welcome to Part Two of our Allovus future job predictions. Tomorrow is just a day away, and the possibility of these new job titles is just around the corner. If you thought last week’s predictions were fun, check these out!

Shaughn Fitzgerald | Senior Account Manager

Along the lines of Google Glass Attorney:

18.  Social Media Attorney

19.  Privacy Cloaking Roof Installer

Along the lines of Biometric Installer for Under My Skin Labs:

20.  Biometric Maintenance Repair Technician

21.  Biometric Insurance Socializer

Amy Greenbaum | Senior Director Client Services

22.  Mental Software technician

23.  Sunshine Decelerator

24.  Admitting Officer Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of PTSD

25.  Virtual Advertising Space Clerk

26.  Commercial Allergist

Liz Ashley | Developer

27.  Mental Floss MD

28.  nano robot mini mechanic

29.  Caffeine IV Drip Spa Specialist – aka ‘a trippy drippy’

30.  Germ Antisepticizer

31.  Spacecraft Speedologist

Chloe Surdyk | Project Manager/Studio Manager

32.  Crying Baby Interpreter (because SOMEONE will figure out what baby cries mean)

33.  Solar Wind Turbine Technician (because wind turbines will also be collecting sunshine)

34.  Professional Cheerer Upper (someone that is paid to come and be nice to you and cheer you up and give out hugs, like, live in person and not virtually)


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