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book: best infographics of 2014


Featured on, is the next installment from Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist, New Yorker writer, and Scientific American neuroscience blog editor Gareth Cook, The Best American Infographics 2014.

The book captures the finest examples, from the past year, of this mesmerizing new way of seeing and understanding our world.

With an introduction by master-statistician Nate Silver, the book features “fifty-eight examples of stellar information design shedding light on such diverse topics as the history of space exploration, the sleep habits of famous writers, the geography of where gay people stay in the closet, the comparative shapes and sizes of major baseball parks, and the social network of jazz musicians in the 1920s.” (


Take a look at this YouTube video of Garth Cook talking about his new book.

Read more about the book here: The Best Infographics of the Year: Nate Silver on the 3 Keys to Great Information Design and the Line Between Editing and Censorship


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