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20 Must-Follow Designers on Instagram

Are you an Instagram user? If so, The Needs ( has a list of 20 designers that you must follow. We are highlighting the first 5—but check out the rest of the list too. Which ones are your favorites?



Design Love Fest: As an awesome Los Angeles-based graphic designer turned creative director and blogger-extraordinare, Bri shares bright snapshots of her international travels, laid-back home life, airy studio and colorful nail art. (via @designlovefest)




Chelsea Brink: This Minnesotan turned Long Beach, CA resident, is a freelance designer who has worked for the likes of UCLA and Cheerios. Her design eye is not lost on her Instagram feed, where she shares her love of patterns, pups and bright pops of color. (via @chelseabrink)




Jessica Comingore: Another designer based out out of L.A., Jessica is also a photographer and blogger who has worked with awesome brands like Kinfolk and Warby Parker. Her style of “quiet elegance” translates to her Instagram through paired down interiors and thoughtful landscape snapshots. (via @jessicacomingorestudio)



Imaginary Keri: This Hawaii native and twenty-something freelance designer is always on the move and scatters her bright designs throughout her envy-worthy travel photos (think: Free People). (via @imaginarykeri)



Savannah Maiedae: Blogger and co-owner of the graphic design shop Maiedae, this hard-to-miss redhead posts happy photos from her everyday life as a mom, make-up enthusiast and entrepreneur. (via @savannahmaiedae)

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