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User Experience is a relatively new focus of design in today’s world. Although, you could say it has been around since the inception of the computer, the science of usability and contextual design as a career is growing rapidly—especially in the Seattle area.

Events and networking opportunities for UX Designers are popping up all over. This week, Allovus was lucky enough to attend the XX + UX event, (especially for women) hosted by You in UX and the Social UX team at Google.

Special guest speaker, Karen Holtzblatt, gave a great overview of the history of User Experience Design, and the role that women have in the industry. Karen is the CEO and Co-founder of InContext.

She is the visionary behind InContext’s unique customer-centered design approach, Contextual Design. Karen’s combination of technological and psychological expertise provides the creative framework for driving the development, innovative designs, and design processes.

Karen talked about the early days at Microsoft, and how UX has evolved since then. A fun look back at the developer-driven designs of the past—and an interesting peek into how design has advanced for the benefit and ease-of-use for the consumer.

Her advice for women in the field of UX:

  1. Let yourself be tossed into the ring–don’t wait to be asked. Jump in.
  2. Find real role models–see where you can go. It’s easier when there are other women (and men) out there to help and support you.
  3. You have an opinion–open your mouth!
  4. Make relationships within your team. Become a valued member.

After her talk, attendees were able to hang out and ask questions.

For more info about You In UX, visit: http://www.youinux.com

KarenCheck out Karen Holtzblatt’s books, Contextual Design: Defining Customer Centered Systems, and Rapid Contextual Design.



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