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UW Continuing Education

UW Continuing Education

It’s been a while since you graduated from college. There are now hundreds of job titles out there that didn’t even exist a few years ago. How do you keep up with the increasing demand of knowledge and skills needed in the current workforce and make yourself a more marketable employee?

The answer is to become indispensable. Go out and get the skills you need to be a highly-sought-after professional. Colleges and universities all over the United States are filling the gap between your current job skills and the ones high-paying tech companies are hungry for—with certificate programs.

Take for example, the certificate programs being offered at the University of Washington. Specifically, the demand for professionals who are fluent in Responsive Design, HTML5, and CSS3 is very high in the Seattle area. Their certificate program in HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Design for Web Development fits the bill.

HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Design for Web Development

Program Description:

Examine the essential client-side technologies and techniques of responsive design, a method for creating websites and applications that automatically resize to display on any device. Learn to write HTML and do simple styling with Cascading Style Sheets. Discover the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features, and learn JavaScript programming basics. Understand design principles related to how sites interact with a range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, cameras and GPS units.

Key Outcome

You will learn the fundamental tools and technologies needed to produce modern websites and applications that adjust to display on a broad array of devices.

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