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So many people in the tech industry don’t know the difference between UX Design and UI Design. Sometimes it seems as though the lines are blurred between the two. However, there are clear distinctions between User Experience and User Interface Design.

We found a great interview with Sarah Harrison, the head of UX Design at True&Co, a custom online clothing shop. Harrison explains the how she perceives her role as a UX Designer.

“There are definitely different umbrellas of design. There are definitely graphic designers, and what we call visual designers who are way better than I am at making things look pretty. They get really passionate about the pixels, and the gradients, and the colors and those things. For me, I didn’t really dive deep into that world. I was really interested in directing the behavior of the customer—understanding where they looked on the screen and why, how to get them to click on this button or that button. That’s what really fascinated me,” she said.

When asked what a UX Designer is, she recalled a quote she’d recently heard. “Anyone who approaches a project with the intent to understand what the user is going to do is a designer. I really like that.”

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