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if famous artists designed buildings

"Archist" by Federico Babina

In a world where cookie-cutter houses and buildings reign supreme, it sure would be more fun if fine artists took the lead. Imagine a city where famous artists designed the buildings—each one with its own flair.

An article by fastcodesign highlights Barcelona-based designer Federico Babina and his illustration series called, “Archist.” In this series, Babina “imagines what buildings might look like had they been designed by 27 famous artists in their signature styles.”

Babina highlights artists like Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst, and Piet Mondrian—artists who are well-known for their unique styles.

The article states, Some of the artists in Babina’s series actually did dabble in architecture: Salvador Dali, for example, whose surrealist style Babina translates into a teardrop-shaped alien pod, designed parts of the Port Ligat house where he lived in Cadaques, Spain, as well as his carnivalesque Theater-Museum in Figueres. Christo, whose imaginary building is draped in saffron curtains, channeling his installation “The Gates,” works in transforming large-scale structures with dramatically draped fabrics.”

The “Archist” illustrations are available for purchase as posters from Babina’s website.

Read the full article on fastcodesign’s website:

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