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powerpoint book reinvents business communication

Slidedocs Feature

Reading dense and mostly boring business docs makes for great bedtime reading material. It has the power to put you to sleep in a matter of minutes. The same is true for lengthy and wordy PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately, you still need to read the doc to retain the information.

Enter Slidedocs, developed by Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design. Slidedocs may change the face of business communication for the better. According to an article in, Duarte describes the program as “a visual document, developed in presentation software, that is intended to be read and referenced instead of projected.”

The article goes on to say the program is “a kind of a hybrid between slide-show presentations and prose documents–but one that eliminates the most annoying qualities of each. Duarte’s new book on Slidedocs, which she wrote entirely in PowerPoint, has just been released as a free download on her website.” (

Sick of boring presentations, Duarte imagines an environment where a Slidedoc could be passed around an organization before the speaker presents his or her material. Then they wouldn’t have to waste time clicking through each slide to get the information across. The actual presentation could then be more of a conversation and collaboration—generating new ideas, and fostering interaction among the attendees.

To read FastCompany’s article, follow this link: Book Written Entirely In PowerPoint Aims To Reinvent How Businesses Communicate

Then, check out Duarte’s website to learn more about Slidedoc and download her book:

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