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march madness: designer brackets


While the rest of the country is focused on March Madness and basketball tournaments, there is another contest going on… a contest only design professionals know or care about. Yes, that’s right; it’s Co.Design’s “Bracket Madness: Who is the World’s Greatest Living Designer?” competition. The battle is fierce in Round 3, and Co.Design’s readers have cast 70,000 votes thus far. You can help crown the winner!

Take a look at who is left:


Check out who is up against who:

Massimo Vignelli vs. Milton Glaser

MassimoVignelli     MiltonGlaser

Hiroshi Ishii vs. Ethan Marcotte


Jonathan Ive vs. Dieter Rams


Frank Gehry vs. Norman Foster


Visit their site to learn more and vote for your favorite designers! Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer? [Round 3]

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